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Some more Miss Flame

More More Miss Flame

I talked with Larry Keith last night and told him that I still have the picture that was in the Beaumont Enterprise with the names listed under the picture.  He is going to make arrangements to get it to the curator of the Beaumont Firefighter Muesum.  

Cheryl Klock
More Miss Flame

I think that Karen and Catherine Moore were Flamettes.  They relied heavily on French High School because our twirlers had fiery orange uniforms.  I cannot remember what the rest of us wore.

Jackie Jones
Miss Flame

It could have been Sandra. What I remember is the fire fighters made a big deal at the time that all of the girls involved were natural redheads.  That was not true. Most of the twirlers, as I remember, possibly Miss Flame herself, dyed their hair for the appearance. I was on the float and I am trying to remember if Sandra Welch was as well. Those on the float really were all natural redheads.

Jackie Jones
Request from Larry Keith

Beaumont Fire fighters Local 399 is looking for some history on the Miss Flame Contest back in the 60's. I think Sandra Dale was a winner of that title one year and there may have been other red-heads we know who won, but I can't think of any. Do any of our classmates or friends know any of the winners? The Fire Museum is trying to gather names etc.....thanks ....LK

Peggy Sterling
Joe Connors

Follow and check up on Chicken Joe Connors when he takes another adventure on his Harley. God speed Joe! 

Doyle Bradberry's Mother Passed

Ruthelene Bradberry, mother of Doyle and David Bradberry passed away Tuesday morning, March 3. She was 94 years old. A visitation will be from 5 pm to 7 pm on Thursday at Broussard's on Major. Her service will be Friday at 10:00 am at Wesley Methodist Church,followed by burial at Magnolia Cemetery.

Doug Eckols
James Stinson & Bill Meredith

Note from James...

On the way home from Waco, we stopped off at the Woodlands to have lunch with Bill and Dee. Also, we took the opportunity to give Bill this shadow box of The King which I purchase on our trip to Graceland. He said he had the perfect place to put it in his Man Cave. 


Doug Ingram, Pat Culbertson, James Stinson

Look who met up for a Cracker Barrell Birthday Breakfast with Doug Ingram! Although, Pat insisted 7 am was too early to get out for anything. James negotiated a 10:00 am time & Pat compromised. Lol! 

Happy Birthday Doug! 

Peggy Sterling
Surprise! Pat and James

Libbie Ruysenaars Stinson's class of '67's Lunch Bunch crowd meet often and visit at local restautants. Our classmate, James Stinson attended and was fortunate to meet up with another of our '66 classmates. James mentioned, "I was forunate to start the first grade with Pat Culbertson at Edwards Elementary and finish the twelfth grade at French High School. We had a great time and agreed that period was a great 👍 time to grow up in back then."


Peggy Scarborough
Juxtaposition of Artists - Barbara Runyon & Barbara Haviland
If any local classmates are interested, stop by and visit
Barbara Runyon Fregia & Barbara Haviland at their art won't be dissapointed...
"Juxtaposition of Artists" opening show this coming Friday, September the 6th, featuring artists Barbara Runyon Fregia & Barbara Haviland, from 7 to 10 pm, at The Music Studio located at 215 Orleans in downtown Beaumont!
Musician Blake Wharton! Free food, fine art and more!
5 dollar tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the event,
children under 5 get in free!
Message from Bill Meredith

Although I no longer ride the plains, I am fully-recovered from heart surgey and feel great. I work out at the gym daily and can go all-out wth my cardio exercises.

I am so thankful for family and friends, they gave the strength to move forward and get my feet back on the ground.



Bill Meredith
Bill Meredith & James Stinson

Passing through The Woodlands on my way home, from Waco, we met up with Buffalo Bill Meredith.

It’s been 4 weeks since he had quadruple bypass surgery. As you can see he is doing great. 

James Stinson


Linda Bernard Crum FYI

Congratulaions to Rebecca Crum, grand daughter of Richard & Linda Bernard Crum, on her graduation from Full Sail University in Florida. Rebecca plans to start working on her masters. Congrats to the proud grand parents.


Peggy Sterling
Theresa Robbins & Peggy Sterling

On the same trip, I ran into Theresa Robins Henson serving at the funeral reception for my uncle’s funeral at St. Jude’s.

It was great seeing a classmate I started first grade with a St. Anne’s and graduating with at FHS. Needless to say, my heart was overflowing with gratitude for longtime friendships. 

Peggy Sterling
Barbara Runyon & Peggy Sterling Visit

Recently, I purchased an original painting from a classmate I’ve not seen in 53 years, Barbara Runyon Fregia. We had such a wonderful visit. She has an art studio in the Music Studio located in the Kyle Building at 215 Orleans in a Beaumont. Such a talent! Barbara loves to show her works of art to others. I’m so proud to have her beautiful original painting hanging in our home. 



Peggy Sterling
‘ 66 Shopping Girls

Recently, some girls met up in Burnet, TX to shop, laugh, & enjoy reminiscing of old times. Back row left to right: Diane Lacy (‘67),Peggy Sterling. Front row left to right: MaryAnn Holliday, Linda Wilson, Sandy Summers. Everyone had a great time and hope to do it again. 

FHS66 2021 Committee for 55th Reunion

Meet your partial reunion committee for our 55th Reunion for 2021.

Left: Sharron, Peggy, Right: Ottie, James, Sharon.

We met, Saturday, March 9th at the Beaumont Crazy Cajun Restaurant to discuss piliminary plans for the 55th Class Reunion. 

For a start, all agreed to keep it simple & at a one-stop venue/hotel under one roof for both days. 

More information will follow as meetings progress. 


Stinsons & Ingrams meet up!

James and Libbie met up with Doug and Lynda Ingram for breakfast in Beaumont Sunday morning.

Stinsons & Merediths

Recently, James and Libbie Stinson met up with Bill and D'Esta Meredith while visiting the Woodlands area.


Karen Locke Atfield

Karen's daughter gave her the Christmas present of 'flying' this year. What a trip! 


(Karen, I couldn't get the video to upload...I'll keep working on it...thanks! Peggy Sterling)

Peggy Sterling
Dallas Area Mini-Reunion is a GO

Hey Buffs....Looks like the weather forecast for our area is cooperating with only a slight chance of rain this Saturday!! We are so looking forward for this time to catch up talking, laughing, eating, golfing, fishing and shopping.

Safe travels


Mary Ann and Linda

Possible Change of Plans for Mini-Reunion

OK Buffs.....we may have a problem!!! Weather report for our Dallas Area Mini-Reunion is thunderstorms all this week including this weekend. CROSSING our fingers we get a break!!! We will keep tracking the weather and make a decision Wednesday!!!  So hoping we get to see everyone this weekend...time to start singing Rain Rain Go Away


Your Mini-Reunion Host Mary Ann and Linda

Barbara Runyon Fregia's New Art Studio

I asked Barbara if I could post this information on our web site....if I lived closer, I'd sure attend...


Barbara recently opened an art studio inside The Music Studio in the beautiful Kyle building on 215 Orleans.

Join her for an art show, September 20, Thursday from 7 - 10 PM, at the Music Studio, for Monica Garcia.

There will be a $5.00 cover charge; children under twelve free.

Barbara would love to see high school friends/classmates & show you her studio.

Venture to the back room to say hello.

Barbara stated. "This is going to be a beautiful event. Come have fun & renew friendships."

Bill Meredith

Bill, Thanks for your question...

I asked Linda Wilson Russell and she answered it was PER PERSON! 

Looking forward to seeing you and Dee!

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Fishing Guide Cost

Is the $350 for the entire group or per individual?


Bill Meredith
NOTE from MaryAnn Holiday Verde!

Ok Herd, only 14 days to our Dallas Mini-Reunion!!!  

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Make your reservations at the Best Western Hotel, Emory - 903-473-2022.
Remember, we're meeting Friday evening at the Verdes for refreshments plus, meet & greet. 6:00 to 10:00ish!!! 
Our address is 2476 FM 514, Point.
Saturday morning golf at Lake Fork C.C.  $40.00, includes golf cart. 
Tee times starting at 8:00, please let us know if you are playing by September 21st.  
Also 1/2 day fishing on Lake Fork at 7:00 am. 
Greg West is a great guide and very successful.
His fee is $350.00, includes bait, rods and water. 
You must have a Texas fishing license.
Please make plans by September 21st.  
Our weekend is also Canton Trades Day weekend!!! 
If you've  never been, we assure you it is a trip to remember! 
Canton is about 30 minutes from the hotel or if you're interested in Canton, there is local small town shopping.
Saturday night, dinner at Verona Italian Cafe in Alba at 7:30.
We will meet at 6:00 in the Side Kicks bar in the hotel for social hour.
Pete, Linda, David, & I look forward to hosting ya'll to THANK YOU
for coming out to the country to celebrate the FHS Buffalo Mini-Reunion!!! 
Wonder where we are celebrating next year?
MaryAnn Holiday Verde
Excited Mini-Reunion Invitation!


Who's been THINKING about joining us at the Emory/Dallas area for the mini-reunion?

I'm here to exend a special invitation to join fellow classmates & friends during the Sept. 28th weekend. You need not live in the Emory/Dallas area to join us.

We're going country at its best! 

Classmates from the Beaumont area are traveling the distance for fun & fellowship. 

Don't think about it anymore!  Sign up.

We want to visit, catch up, & have fun.

MaryAnn Holiday Verde & Linda Wilson Russell have planned an easy going weekend fo remember. 

We want you to be a big part of that memory.

Come on! Check out the web site here and sign up.WHOO HOO!

Thank you MaryAnn and Linda for the planning, leg work, and information for a fun mini-reunion.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough





2018 Mini-Reunion RSVP Update

As of today, 8-21-18, the list of classmates/spouse attending our mini-reunion are the following:

Bill & Dee Meredith

James and Libbie Stinson

Ottie and Pam Walker

David and Diane Fritsche

David and Linda Wilson Russell (Host)

John and Sharon Hendrix Thomas

Pete MaryAnn Holiday Verde (Host)

Ronnie and Peggy Sterling Scarborough


I'll update our list as people sign up.

Sharon, if you've received any other classmates that've signed up & I don't know about,

please let me know. 

Classmates: If you've not signed up, go to the information here on our web site and DO IT! 

Everyone is welcome to join. We may even have one or two classmates from another class join us. 

Mini reunion

Hey gang. Looking forward for the Mini. Diane and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Sound like it’s time to put this well planned plan into action.

 Everyone have safe journeys and remember while driving, watch out for that other guy, they’ll try to get you every time. 

See in September. 

David and Diane Fritsche

David Fritsche
We Are Going Country

The Dallas area mini-reunion looks like the place to be in late September. Dee and I are planning to be there and have mailed our deposit money to Sharon today. It appears that Maryann and Linda have come up with a good agenda that will provide plenty of time for fellowship. We look forward to seeing our dear friends.


Bill Meredith
Dallas Area Mini-Reunion

Everything is set for the Dallas Area Mini-Reunion

Friday September 28th

If you plan to arrive on Friday we will all meet at the home of Maryann Holliday Verde 2476 FM 513 in Point Texas 75472 and the time will be from 6:00PM until 9:00PM. Maryann and Linda will be serving refreshments

Saturday September 29th

The ladies will be planning a trip to the Canton Trade Days while the men will be either on the local country club golf course or fishing on beautiful Lake Fork.

After everyone freshens up we will meet at the Best Western Hotel Lounge for our social hour from 6:00pm until 7:00PM. Then its off to the Verona Italian Cafe 5353 N. FM 17 Alba Texas just a few miles away for a delicious meal.

Sunday September 30th

If you would like to join us for breakfast we will meet at the Ya'll Come Back Cafe at 8:00AM before you start you journey back home.

Please go to the Dallas Area Mini-Reunion Website Page to make your reservations. Cost is only $10 per person and will be refunded to you in the form of a VISA gift card when we all meet. This is only so we will have a head count so Verona's will know how many tables to set up for our reservation.

Maryann Holliday Verde (972-489-9587) & Linda Wilson Russell (281-543-5540)

Mary Francie Lambert/Peggy Sterling

Recently, Mary Francie Lambert & Peggy Sterling met up at a 50th Anniversary Party for mutual friends at Crystal Beach. Photo moment for both. These two have known each other since their Bowie days...that's a long time...

55 Chevy

Still remember the ‘55 Che that burned the hose off the teacher that was coming across when you fired it up.

Fred Jackson


Fred Jackson
Hey Dude!


Look at you in that hot red race car!

You always had an eye for good looking women and cars. lol!

If you're ever up in the Austin area racing or visiting in and around the Circuit of the Americas, let me know, 'cause I can probably get a few of 'Buffs' from the Hill Country to come see you race. Maybe even a few from our old stomping grounds. 

Keep enjoying life, Lloyd!

Wait! I thought I saw James Stinson in that picture!

Sorry James...that red car caught my eye...:)



Peggy Sterling
Congrats Lloyd!

Congratulations,  Lloyd!  Proud of you!


Dennis Anger
Hi Lloyd!

Little bit of grey on top....Miss you!




Pat Culbertson
Hey Lloyd!

Congratulations!!! Proud of you!! Looking good!




Janis Martinez
Lloyd Parfait Pic #2

Way to go Lloyd! Show 'em how it's done!

Peggy Sterling
Day @ the Baytown Drag Races with Lloyd Parfait & James Stinson

Here's a couple of pictures taken on Saturday March 24th with old buddy & fellow classmate Lloyd Parfait at the drag races in Baytown.

Lloyd had a very successful day as he made it through the first elimination round.

The old man basically schooled the young racer he was racing against. In between the races spent a lot of time catching up.

He has definitely led an interesting life. 

James Stinson


Happy 50th to Ken and Terry Pack Hitchcock

Happy 50th to Ken and Terry Pack Hitchcock.

Married a very short 50 years.

Kenneth Hitchcock

You have a great heart 

Fred Jackson
Way To Go

Not everyone can pull off this look, but on you, Lorraine, it looks great!  Way to go!

Jackie Jones
Who's that masked woman?

Lorraine Lognion just returned home from a mission trip to help flood victims who lost their homes in Lumberton, NC. (Robeson County) Six members spent five days doing insulation, framing, plumbing and electrical work on a home ravaged by flooding from over a year ago.



Editor's Note: Lorraine, what a blessing you and the other members were to these people. Thank you! 

To James & Libbie

Congratulations on your 50th.

Just so you know, its not any easier if you'er old and experienced with a playbook. 

ie: second time around is not any easier HaHa.

Wishing you and Libbie many more.

Ron Frazier


Ron Frazier

Do you have any announcements to share with your classmates?

Anniversaries, pictures, milestone birthdays, achievments, a vacation picutre, retirements. etc.?

We'd love to hear any and all no matter how small.

Send it to:

I will be my pleasure to add it to our message board.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Happy 50th Anniversary James & Libbie Stinson!

Anniversary wishes go out to James & Libbie Stinston on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, February 23, 2018! 

As James laughed, "We were young & dumb with no instruction book! :)

Welcome to Georgetown, TX

Recently, Ron & Peggy Sterling Scarborough (R)

welcomed Farrell & Sandy Summers Padgett(L) to Georgetown, TX. 

Both couples had a great time catching up with the past and planning fun dates for the future. 

Old Bowie ‘58-‘59 Faculty Directory Page!

Recognize or remember any of these Bowie teachers?

I see several of my favorite ones. 


Peggy Sterling Scarborough
Diane Wilson Lacy, Linda Wilson, MaryAnn Holiday - Lifelong Friends!

Look who found time to spend the holidays together! Lifelong, a another friend all dear to our hearts...the buffalo...You girls still ROCK!

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Peggy Sterling
James and Duke

James Stinson and Duke Sparks met at AT&T Stadium in Arlington to watch the Texas High School Football State Championship Games. West Orange Stark lost their game after a 40 game winning streak. The Newton Eagles won the 3A High School Football State Championship.....congrats to both teams for a awesome season.

Congrats W.L. (Bubba) Pate

Congrats to our own Bubba Pate for keeping the Buffalo Spirit Alive! 

Thank You from Sharron

Thank you French High School Class of 1966 for the gift to Wounded Warriors Project in memory of Kendel. He would have been very honored that he was remembered in such a way


Much Love

Sharron Giroir Gatch

Greg Swartz & James Stinson

James and Libbie Stinson, while in Waco visiting a daughter, stopped to visit Greg and Donna Swartz the day after the Hill Country Mini-Reunion. Thanks for sending the picture!

Peggy Sterling
Swamp Pop...

Peggy, so glad to see you Saturday in Kinder... hope you enjoyed...brought back some good memories.... 

Lynda Berryman
Swamp Pop Festival Kinder, LA

Still ROCK'N with the Boogie Kings at the Swamp Pop Festival in Kinder, LA. 

Ottie Walker, Peggy Sterling, Sandra Weir.

Let's make plans for next year...same time, same place, same Swamp Pop!

FHS Class of 1972 - 45th Reunion

Glenn McClammy, Class of '72:

They have about 20 plastic (not metal) generic tumblers for sale.

Due to Hurricane Harvey, they had to cancel their 45th reunion. ;(

The tumbers do keep drinks cold or hot, but not all day. 

If you'd like to purchase one, Glenn is in the Lumberton/Silsbee area.

Cell phone: 409-239-3922


address: 2304 Buchannon Rd

               Silsbee, TX 77656

PRICE: $10.00

If you'd like to have one shipped to your address, contact him for shipping information.

He said, "Most shippments have been shipping around $6.00."

Tell him you're from the great Class of '66.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Hill-Country Mini-Reunion UPDATE

Hey Buffs!

As of today, 9/15/17, my records show we have 16 attending our Hill-Country Mini Reunion.

Several are coming in from the Waco, Bourne, Houston and Beaumont area. 

How many more Buffs out there are going to join us? 

Sign up on this web site;  you'll get your $10.00 back in a gift card to the Legacy Hills Grill to apply toward your bill. That's a bargin!

If you decide to join us, and didn't get to sign up, NO WORRIES! 

Just let me know asap as to be added to the head-count.

You just won't collect the gift card. 

My understanding, if we have at least 30, we can order off the menu; over thirty, we'll have a set menu in order for the restaurant to plan and prepare for the crowd. 

We're not getting any younger, so come join us for a no-frills casual gathering.

Check it out on our FHS website. We're just a click away! 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Lunch Visit: Peg, Marty, Dianne

Catching up over lunch at McAllister's in Georgetown, were Peggy Sterling, Marty (Margaret) Mingus, & Dianne Jamar Fanning. Marty graciously opened her  Salado home to Dianne and Don while their uninvited guest, Hurricane Harvey stopped by for a visit in the Houston area. The three of us did think about our Class of '66 classmates & wondered if all were ok through this horrific hurricane. Once we ordered our lunch, we were given our 'number' to wait at our table for our food. LOOK at the number we were given...'66'...we agreed it had to be a good omen to say the least. 

Christmas Buff Ball

Hey All!

I saw this posted on FaceBook under another FHS web site.

We don't know anything about it, except what you see on the poster.

Just thought if anyone was interested... you can take it from here....

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

FHS Classmates HURRICANE HARVEY Updates?

With Hurricane Harvey hovering over Texas, if any classmates in the path or areas of it and if you can get to the Internet, please update us here on our web site your situation. I know there are many classmates in the Houston and out lying areas who may be having to evacuate or have flooded.

What about classmates in Louisiana? 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Peggy Sterling
Swamp Pop Festival September 23

Swamp Pop Festival (all day event) at the Coushatta Casino; it will be held in the large covered pavilion there on the grounds by the casino. Tickets are on sale now at or at the Coushatta Box Office. Door open at 12 noon. Admission is only $20 with your free Advantage Members Club card or $30 if you don't have one. Huge 3600 sq. ft. dance floor to shake your tail feather.

Time     Band

1PM      Louisiana Express

2PM      Na Na Sha

3PM      GG Shinn

4PM      Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress Band

5PM      TK Hulin

6PM      Gregg Martinez & the Delta Kings

7PM      Tommy McLain

8PM      The Boggie Kings

9PM      Johnnie Allan & Jivin' Gene


Ezra Charles Story of Boogie Woogie Date Change
The following performance date has been changed to September 23 due to the weather expected from Hurricane Harvey. 
Ezra Charles Performing at the Jefferson Theater Aug. 26!

Copied from Ezra Charles FB page:

Just confirmed:

"The Story of Boogie Woogie" will play at the Jefferson Theater

in Beaumont on Saturday night, August 26! I've come a long way from usher there.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of FHS folks and North End Methodist old timers that night! 

Centennial Celebration

Heck we are already planning for our Centennial Celebration.......everyone is invited to attend. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes. The Golden Anniversary given by my daughter was totally awesome. Now we will be flying to Orlando Florida this week and seeing The Holy Land Experience among other attractions.

Happy 50th Anniversary Ottie & Pam Walker

Happy 50th Anniversary to you both!  

The best is yet to about 50 more? lol! 

Proud Great Grandparents

Peggy, congradulations on the new arrival.

You are ahead of the curve being a great grandparent.

Bill Meredith
Who Knew?

Who knew when we walked across the stage for graduation 50 plus years ago we'd ever be great-grand parents?

Our 'bonus' grand daughter presented us with a sweet baby boy, Logan, two weeks ago. I knew being a 'grand' was wonderful, but 'great' is even grander...

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Susan Grantham's Rooster Fish

On a recent fishing trip, my wife, Susan, pulled in a 38# Rooster Fish.

Again, she beat me with the bigger fish, because mine was only 24#.

Larry Grantham


Editors Note: Congrats Susan! Wowza! 

Thanks, Jack.

I heard somewhere that we all die twice -- the first time when we take our last breath, and the second time when the last person who knew us in life says our name for the last time.  If that's so, Jack is still with us for a good while yet.  Jack did it right.  He was a good boy and a good man.  It was my priviledge to briefly share life with him.  Hugs, Mary -- and I'll see you again a little further down the trail, Jack.  

Rick Scott
Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary

Happy 51st Anniversary to Paul & Janet O'Dell Sonnier. 

You've both earned bragging rights for the next 50. 


Linda Bernard Crum Family Celebration Cruise

Recently, nine family members of Richard & Linda Bernard Crum celebrated their oldest son's 50th birthday on a family cruise. Plus, their granddaughter, Rebecca, turned 18 upon graduating high school. All in all, oldest son Todd, his daughther, Rebecca, second son Max, his wife Emily, children Zach & Ethan, and Linda's youngest, Annie, had a wonderful time cruising as the '9 Crum's in Cozumel'. 

Editors Note: Thanks for the update.

If any other classmates would like to share a vacation or update, please send the information to Peggy 

Peggy Sterling & Marty Mingus Share Memories

What a great time sharing ole memories and future plans! 

A great cup of coffee, lots of laughter, & a fun time catching up.

Peggy Sterling
Vince Gill

What a great time the Stinson & Scarborough's shared when they recently met up for a Vince Gill Concert at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles! 

Mary Paule for Libbie Stinson
Congrats to Trapasso Graduates!

Hi Mike!

What a proud 'dad' moment! 

Lots of good 'raising' from good parents.

Congrats to the Trapasso Family!

Peggy Sterling
Jack and Mary

So sorry to hear about Jack. Mary, our prayers are with you and your family. God Bless you all. Sincerel,

David and Diane Fritsche

David Fritsche
Congratulations to my Two Oldest Children

CONGRATULATIONS to my daughter, Tabitha Trapasso, and to my son, Joseph Trapasso - my two oldest children - today I was privileged to watch both of you receive the Honorable title : Dr. Trapasso M.D.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit
Mike Trapasso
Jack Gilbert

Dennis and I were privileged to visit with Jack and Mary at my FHS 50 year reunion, never dreaming it would be his last .  Life is so fragile and not to be taken for granted.  All our love and prayers are with Mary and the family as they transition to life without him.  He was truly a "class act"; a man of integrity and love for his family and country.  We feel so fortunate to have known him.  Knowing he is in heaven and no longer suffering eases the pain somewhat.  Love you, Mary.  

Janis Roddy Young

Janis Roddy
Jack Gilbert

It saddened our hearts deeply to hear this news.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and family.


James & Susan Oberg

James Oberg
Jack Gilbert

So sad to hear of another of our classmates passing. I can still see Jack's smile. When we moved to the north end in the early 60's Jack and Doyle Bradberry were the first to befriend me. Such a nice person.

Doug Eckols

Doug Eckols
Jack Gilbert

I was truly saddened when I heard about Jack. He was my first real boyfriend. We dated in the ninth and part of the tenth grade. He was always a gentleman and very sweet. I always loved seeing him at the reunions with dear Mary, his real true love. I will miss seeing him and there will always be a special place in my heart for him. My thoughts and condolences go to Mary and her sons and baby grandson. 

Judy Hilbun Mason

Judy Hilbun
Memory Notes from Classmates: Jack Gilbert
So sorry to hear.  We will keep Mary and family in our prayers. May we take comfort that Jack is not in pain any more, made many contributions during his life, and is passing on to a better place. May God bless his family at this time. Have a safe day.
Phil Endicott 

This is so sad. Life is so fragile. Our prayers for Mary and the family.
Rest In Peace, Jack. 
Perry Walker

What a day for a hero of our generation and A great friend to go be with the Lord!!  

I've read everything I can on heaven in the last 19 months because that's where our Reagan and Grant are. They met our friend Jack today in that amazing place...!

Randy Alcorn in his book "Heaven" says this..."Our pain and suffering may or may not be relieved in this life, but, they certainly will be in the next..."
That's our promise in this life and Jack's reality in heaven today...Thank you Lord!
Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary, their kids, and their family.
Duke and Sue Sparks

Such sad news!  I knew Jack since first grade together.  He will be greatly missed.  I pray for the comfort and peace of God for Jack's entire family during this time of sorrow and loss.
Henry Harris

It was around the 1967-68 time frame that I was over at Jack's house and saw McIntosh for the first time. His Daddy had a great stereo system consisting of McIntosh amp, pre-amp, and FM tuner connected to Bozak speakers. At the time, this was the best available. Seeing and hearing the set-up started my quest to own the very same McIntosh and Bozak pieces which I eventually did. Jack inherited his Daddy's gear and I got a chance to see it again in 1989 when we visited Jack and his family in Baltimore. Jack and I had many common ties, this was just one.

Sad day. The opportunity and ability to still hike the mountains in Colorado has new meaning and importance to me. Time waits on no man.
Bill Meredith
Dearest Jack,
You are going to be terribly missed my many of your FHS Class of '66 'mates'.
We humbly honor you for your love of country, family, and friends.
Peggy Scarborough 
I was glad to see Jack again at the reunion. 
It was like old times. My prayers for Mary And family. 
We're Going To miss you Jack....
Leslie Jones
Information and notes sent by
James Stinson

 Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Jack Gilbert

I was greatly saddened by Jack' s passing.  He and I shared some good times together back in the day, such as the occasions when Jack could borrow a nice ride from his Dad's car lot that enabled us to cruise 11th Street for an evening believing we were cool.  Of course, not too many years later, ol' Jack was driving submarines for Uncle Sam, which really was cool!

Yeah, Jack was a good man, a good citizen, a good classmate, and a good friend.  He will be greatly missed.  Go with God, ol' buddy!

Chuck McSpadden

Charles McSpadden
An Officer and a Gentleman.

Our friend, Jack, was an officer and a gentleman in every sense of the word. He reflected great credit upon his country, his faith, his profession, his family, and himself.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him knew what a class act that he was. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary and his family. He will be missed. 

W. L. Pate, Jr.

Wilbur Pate
Jack Gilbert

God, please provide comfort and healing for Mary and her sons.  This is a tragic event and I'm so very sorry to hear of Jack's passing.  I've known Jack since grade school and always had respect for him.  As an adult, he proved to be a true Patriot.  May you rest in peace Jack and now I'm so happy that you are relieved from your pain and suffering.  May the Lord be with you.

Candy Gillett Woolford

Candy Gillett
Jack Gilbert Passing

Tragically we lost a very good man. God bless and comfort his family.

Fred Jackson

Fred Jackson
Surprise Treat Meeting!

What a sweet treat to run in to Nancy Dunaway and her precious 89 year 'young' mom at the nursing home while visiting my mother-in-law. We both surprised each other. Always happy to see a classmate. 


Come One Come All!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Want to take a stroll back in time? Here you go....

May 15-June 30, 2017.

Sandy Summers Walker

Ezra Charles Performing at the Jefferson Theater Aug. 26!

Copied from Ezra Charles FB page:

Just confirmed:

"The Story of Boogie Woogie" will play at the Jefferson Theater

in Beaumont on Saturday night, August 26! I've come a long way from usher there.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of FHS folks and North End Methodist old timers that night! 


Anyone interested?

FHS Folks need to fill the venue! Yeah!

Lovely Gesture!

We are all really proud of James and Bill for the very lovely gesture to honor David's memory.  French High School had so many wonderful people and this event is just another example.  

Thanks again James and Bill!  

You are truly fine gentlemen and I am privileged to call you friends.

W. L Pate

Wilbur Pate
Gift for David Marshall's Family

Recently, classmates James Stinson & Bill Meredith surprised David Marshall's Family with a beautiful Pallet Picture of David on his cutting horse, Senorita's Playboy, in action.

The Stinson & Meredith families met at the Spring Creek BBQ in the Woodlands with David's family. Others attending were Josh & Shalayne Stinson with their children Brynlee & Eli. 

L to R Chase Marshall (David's oldest son), Lance Marshal (David's youngest son), Lacey Hardy (Lance's girlfriend), Debra Marshal (David's wife).

James Stinson

Boogie Kings

I was at the Coushatta their last visit..It is so well worth it.. Bands all day long and I will be there with the band again this time. The Boogie Kings Queen came and spent the night with me last night and we are so excited.. All you Buffalos need to make this a mini reunion...

Lynda Berryman
UPDATE INFORMATION: Boogie Kings Sept. 23, 2017
Ronnie and I booked our room for one night at the Coushatta Casinio & Resort.
We were able to get a room for 149.00. Now we're just waiting on the tickets to go on sale.
Below you will find information for the hotel and a little 'walk down memory lane' with the Boogie Kings.
Hotel InformationCoushatta Casino Resort
777 Coushatta Drive
Kinder, LA 70648



copy and paste the following url's...  

Boogie Kings/Swamp Pop! Interested?

I took this off of the Boogie Kings FaceBook page.

Coushatta Casino Resort has a Swamp Pop day every year. The Boogie Kings are invited to perform again this year. Make your plans for September 23, 2017 to come to Kinder, LA for this yearly event. I will have more information on this and the other bands invited. But I did hear through the grapevine that Gregg Martinez and Johnny Allen are going to be there also.

I'll try to keep everyone updated in the future.

Anyone interested in meeting up in Kinder, La for a little Boogie King reminising? 

That's my 69th birthday, so let's have a blast! 

Peggy Sterling
Regional Hill Country Mini-Reunion UPDATE

UPDATE: Regional Hill Country Mini-Reunion 

I'm meeting with the manager of the Legacy Grille (Sun City), this Friday, to check out and pick our calendar date for our Hill Country Regional Mini-Reunion.

DON'T HOLD ME TO IT, but I'm going to try for the Oct. 6-7-8 weekend. That's the first weekend in October; Georgetown has it's First Friday around the Courthouse Square open till late.

We'd gather for supper, Saturday, Oct. 7, at Legacy Grille, a popular restaurant, here in Sun City.  

The rest of the weekend is just free time in and around our beautiful town. I'll be checking to see what else may be of interest for the weekend. Plus, accomadations for over-nighters. 

This will be a very casual no frills fun time.

It is open for all in any region; classmates from other FHS graduating classes are welcome, also.


Stay tuned. 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! You are such an great example to all of us.


Charlene Curtis
Nancy Canant's Parents

Nancy Canant Stephens' parents (Ron Stephens' in-laws) have an upcoming 70th annivesary this year. (2017)

Margaret is 91 and Douglas is 93. Congratulations to the Canants! 

Peggy Sterling's Parents

My Mother just turned 89 (2017) & my Dad will be 94 this summer (2017).

They still live in their house in Bevil Oaks, have good health, drive to Market Basket & church weekly, and cook a big Sunday dinner for anyone who shows up. Both still love to hear updates about my classmates. Truly blessed.

FHS Parents of '66 Classmates

After posting James Stinson's dad's 96th birthday, I got to curious as to how many of us still have their parents with them. If you are one of the fortunate ones and would like to send us a picture and/or info of their age, etc. please send it to me, and I'll post it on our web site.

Happy 96th Birthday to James Stinson's Dad

Happy 96th Birthday to Mr. Stinson!

He celebrated with the family and even a good friend, Bill Meredith.

James Stinson

Peggy Sterling
James Stinson & Bill Meredith
On our recent trip back from Austin, Libbie & I stopped, in the Woodlands, to meet up with my old buddy, Bill & DeEsta Meredith. We wanted to give him this pallet picture of him on a mountain top. Bill is an avid hiker & at that time told me 'he was on a mission looking for a place for our 50th reunion'.
I've always instilled in our kids, "If one can go through life & just end up with one friend like Bill, you're lucky. I ended up with three."
James Stinson


Old friends are the great blessing of one's later years . . . They have a memory of the same events and have the same mode of thinking. ~Horace Walpole

Peggy Sterling
Vince Gill Tickets - Golden Nugget - Lake Charles UPDATE

James & Libby Stinson & Ronnie & Peggy Sterling Scarborough have their tickets for the Vince Gill Concert in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget. We are in Section L row 11 seat 5 & 6. James and Libby are i the same with seats 1 & 2. AND we are over 21...our tickets were 60.00 each. There are some others left. I'd check it out today if you are even 'thinking' about going. My sister is looking to go. It's open to anyone. Join us!

Let me know when you get your ticket(s) by responding on this message board. You in? 

My plans are to stay at the Wyndham Motel just across the street from the casino. 


As far as I know, James and Libby Stinson will be at the concert that night! Anyone else?


Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Peggy Sterling
Vince Gill - Golden Nugget-Lake Charles-June 3 

(copy and paste url)

Anyone interested in meeting for the Vince Gill Concert at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles on June 3?

Everyone make their own traveling arrangements, own ticket purchases, & own motel arrangements. 

We can meet before/afterwards/or both for a causal get-to-gether. 

All are welcome to attend and/or meet up. 

Once you've bought your tickets, let me know so I can have an idea how many to expect. 

I'll post what motel we'll be staying when we know.

Peggy Sterling
2/20/2017 FYI: Future Regional Yearly Mini-Reunions
Hey Buffs!
Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get your wish!
Since we're all getting older, there were a majority of classmates expressing the 'hopes' of meeting once a year throughout regional areas in Texas. We had such a wonderful time at our 50th, some didn't want to wait five years to see each other.
With the regions below, we've covered the majority of Buffs residing in these areas.
The yearly regions are the following: 
~ 2017 The Hill Country (Peggy Sterling Scarborough)
~ 2018 The Dallas-Fort Worth (Maryann Holiday Verde)
~ 2019 Houston
~ 2020 Galveston
~ with our 55th FHS Reunion in 2021 in Beaumont (month to be considered).
If your region is listed and you'd like to consider being the contact person for helping make the restaurant arrangements, please send a message to Ottie, or one of the committee members, of your request, on this web site.
If you'd prefer email:
Please know, we are working on the 'first' steps of planning; our regional 'mini-reunions' are going to be a very casual, no frills get together each year.
We'll work to have a minimal cost per person (Dutch Treat). How minimal is that?
It will be a time we can visit, eat, laugh, and visit some more for a few hours. PLEASE NOTE: All are welcome. You do not have to be from that region to join in on the fun.
 FHS Reunion Committee

PS: Peggy Sterling Scarborough is in the process of contacting a restaurant, with a patio, for the Hill Country Mini-Reunion. She hopes to have it in the Fall of 2017. (End of September/First of October).

      Maryann Holiday Verde has volunteered to plan the Dallas/Fort Worth area 2018 at where ever and whatever date she can fit to work. 
Watch for updated information.
Peggy Sterling Scarborough
Jersey Boys and Beaumont Buffs!

Four FHS couples traveled to College Station, TX, & went back in time with the Jersey Boys.

Left to right:

James & Libbie Stinson, Perry & Judy Walker, DeEsta & Bill Meredith, Ronnie & Peggy Sterling Scarborough. 

Such a great show, past memories, & catching up all in one evening. 

Happy 49th Anniversary to James and Libby. 


2/19/2017 Great Suggestion

Paula Dubose sent me a great suggestion.

I'll try to find a picture of classmates I send messages about/funeral information, etc. to jog your memory of whom I'm 'talking' about. Many yearbooks are gone or packed away in the attic and it's difficult to remember from way back. Thanks Paula....


Peggy Sterling
2/14/2017 David Stephens

Hate to be the bearer of sad news but must inform everyone that David passed away February 12th last night. Don't have anymore information but will update the website as as we receive more.

James Stinson


2/8/2017 Bill Donley

Bill Donley passed Oct. 12, 2016.

Bill was class of '67 but so many of us knew him.

Rest well Billy


Ken Hitchcock

Fun times in The Woodlands

Bill Meredith, Sassy Layton, and James Stinson met in the Woodlands at the Republic Grill; they had such a great time catching up that they were there from 6 to 9 PM.

Thanks for the picture and update from James Stinson.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Brenda Lee Concert & Classmates

For my 68th birthday, my hubby took me to see Little Miss Dynomite Brenda Lee at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles  

What a treat to see Perry and Judy Walker! It was great getting a bite to eat after the concert. 

One of the best nights EVER! Brenda Lee truly lived up to her name  

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

8/17/16 Jennie Tevis/Carencro, LA Mary Kerwin/Lk Charles, LA

James Stinson reported Jennie Tevis is 'high & dry' & all flooding is south of I-10 so far. Also, Mary Kerwin, in Lake Charles, is OK! 

Thanks for the update James!

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

8/17/16 Baton Rouge, LA Classmates

If anyone receives a report from other classmates in the Louisiana area, please post it, or send it to me and I'll post it for you. 

I heard from Cliff's sister-in-law that Jackie and Cliff Yancey are safe at her daughter, Jennifer's house. They evacuated by canoe (son-in-law Eddie) last Sunday morning along with Jackie's brother, Jerry, when water level reached about 1-2 inches from entering house. Both homes flooded with about 8 inches of water. Phone service is sporadic, no electricity, but as of yesterday water has receded and clean up efforts are underway. Long road ahead for recovery. Prayers for all.

Then I heard from Cliff...9 inches of rain in his home, but they are safe.

I contacted Madaline Chatelain this morning. Water all around, but did not reach her home. Same as above, with sporadic services. They were able to get power back last night. Water did get into houses two blocks away and all around her. 

Please remember them in your prayers.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

8/14/16 Stinsons' Visit the Scarboroughs' in Sun City!

Look who came to visit us today!

What a treat to meet for brunch, in Sun City, with some back home classmates!

James and Libby, we so enjoyed your visit. Let's do it again soon. 

Always good to catch up....who's next? If you're in the area, give us a shout! 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

8/12/16 UPDATE: Candy Gillett Woolford

As most of you may remember, Candy Gillett Woolford, lost her husband a few months ago. Soon afterwards, she fell, outside of a store, July 13th, and shattered her left shoulder and arm. Candy is doing better than expected and hopes to be back to driving eventually. Candy told me, "It's still pretty painful, still black and blue, and a bit swollen. This will take months, but I'm hanging in there and praying to avoid shoulder replacement. I go for more X-rays on the 24th and hope its healing and building bones."

Please remember her in your kind thoughts.
You can contact Candy via this web site by leaving a message here, FaceBook, or email.
Peggy Sterling Scarborough
6/16/16 CJ & Hoka Hey Challenge

Well here I am "on the road again". I am on my way to California for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge a 10,000 mile ride in 10 days. If you are interested in tracking me you can find me on the website  

I am # 842 ChickenJoe.  No login necessary.

The HHMC starts 21 June but we are live now.


Joe Connors
6/16/2016 4A Quarter Finalist BasketBall Team 1966

Picture designed by Lori Lens Photography

6/16/16 FYI: Future Regional Mini-Reunions
Hey Buffs!
Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get your wish!
Since we're all getting older, there were a majority of classmates expressing the 'hopes' of meeting once a year throughout regional areas in Texas. We had such a wonderful time at our 50th, some didn't want to wait five years to see each other.
Your committee is working on a plan, for the possibility of a yearly regional mini-reunion throughout Texas. 
With the regions below, we've covered the majority of Buffs residing in Texas.
The regions being considered are the following:
~ October 2017 The Hill Country (Peggy Scarborough.)
~ October 2018 The Dallas-Fort Worth
~ October 2019 Houston
~ October 2020 Galveston
~ with our 55th FHS Reunion in 2021 in Beaumont (month to be considered).
If your region is listed and you'd like to consider being the contact person for helping make the restaurant arrangements, please send a message to Ottie, or one of the committee members, of your request, on this web site. 
If you'd prefer email: 
Please know, we are working on the 'first' steps of planning.
Our regional 'mini-reunions' are going to be a very casual, no frills get together each year. We'll work to have a minimal cost per person. It will be a time we can visit, eat, laugh, and visit some more for a few hours.
All are welcome.
Constructive feedback will be welcomed/considered by your committee.
FHS Reunion Committee


Peggy Sterling
6/10/2016 Back To Work

After a month off it's back to work for the "Dream Team". We had our first meeting last night to start planning for the 2021 55th reunion. Our work is not over until we locate the last classmate which is getting harder to do as time goes on. If you have any information on the "Missing Classmates" list please let us know. We want to THANK YOU for the great response we had for the Golden Anniversary wouldn't have been the same without you.

FHS66 Reunion Committee

Ottie Walker

5/24/16 Thanks for the Memories!

THANKS for the memories and for this reminder of who everybody is in this

photo of our 50th Reunion participants!

Yours truly,

Lorraine Longnion Arnold


Lorraine Longnion

The group picture was fantastic! 

Thanks to Ottie, James and all who worked so hard to make this reunion such a success. 

It was fun to see people I hadn't seen or talked to since the night we graduated!  

Could it really be 50 years???

Brenda Senters Sutton

Brenda Senters
5/23/16 Great job everyone

The group photo is a real keepsake.  

What a wonderful job all the organizers and volunteers did! 

Great group effort.

Jo-Anne Thompson

Jo-Anne Thompson
5/17/16 Thanks Ottie & Committee



I just wanted to take a few minutes and congratulate you and the committee on the wonderful FHS Class Reunion. It was the best reunion that I’ve ever attended … as a spouse … I was treated like a graduate. Your class has a special bond … you could feel it the night of the reunion.


I know all the hard work and time that you put in … it really paid off.


I look forward to the next one.


Keep up the good work…



Ron Scarborough (Peggy Sterling)


Classmates in the Group Picture



Sandra Wier, Mary Miller, Karen Locke, Judy Hilbun, Sharon Hendrix, Linda Benard, Peggy Sterling, Cynthia Hanson, Janis Roddy, Maryanne Holiday, Dianne Jamar, Becky Stephens, Linda Wilson, Maryann Bloss, Patty Cobb, Mary Davis


 Madeline Chatelain, Brenda Senters, Jackie Jones. Lorraine Longnion, Darlene Smith, Sylvia Currie, Darlene Stewart, Janis Martinez, Joe Connors, Mary Frances Lambert, Johanna Fasulo, Kendel Gatch, Sharron Giroir, Ottie Walker, Tommy Ehrensberger, Pat Howell, Peggy Dennis, Carol Spafford, Terry Seal, Susan Rich, Nancy Dunaway, Judy Becka


 Paula Richard, Pat Culbertson, Mary Littlepage, Charlene Curtis, Tyanna Dickerson, Nancy Collins, Perry Walker, Bill Meredith, Pat Ehrhart, Donna Knapp, Judy Walker, Veta Jones, Cathee Allen, Anita Bloodworth, Glen Jordan


 Jack Gilbert, Chuck McSpadden, Ricky Scott, Robert Ewart, Paul Arceneax, Tom Hunt, Doug Ingram, Daniel Carrington, Kenny Matthews, Gary Gragg, Larry Keith, Edward Daughters, Kenneth Carver, Mike Amy, Allen King, David Fritsche, Leslie Jones


 W L Pate, King Campbell, Billy Joe Davis, Ron Frazier, Bill Weikel, Arthur Biggers, T W Malone, Ronnie Proctor, James Stinson, Richard Karnes, Larry Grantham, James Saxon, Phil Endicott, Otis Fisher, James Oberg, Dennis Anger


Dream Team

If there was ever a "Dream Team" for high school reunions this has to be the one. The committee members that worked with me to make this reunion the best that it could be could not have been better. James Stinson in his relentless persuit to locate all the "Missing Classmates" and staying on top of the events that we had planned at each committee meeting. Sharon Hendrix for taking care of our finances making sure all deposites were made on time so that we did not lose any of the contracts we made to make this reunion special and for keeping our finances in order. Sylvia Currie for her input at the meetings and being our decorator for this special event. She had ideas and brought them to life...the table decor, the banner, the arch and Big Bill. Sharron Giroir for locating "Missing Classmates" and for her valuable input she made at the meetings. This is not the first time I worked with her or Cathee. Cathee Allen for her hours of hard work locating "Missing Classmates"..... she was often referred to as our "Classmate Detective". You couldn't hide from her lol. A lot of you were found because of these two. And last but not least Peggy Sterling aka Patsy Cline who works hand and hand with me on this website. For providing our entertainment after our "Circle of Friends" presentation. And when a classmate signed up for the reunion she sent out a special "Thank You" not only for signing up for the reunion but for making their contribution to the website, flower fund and our anniversary reunion contribution fund. They are the ones responsible for making this reunion so successful and I hope I have the honor of them working with me in planning our 55th reunion in 2021. Again a special thanks to all of made my job easy.

Ottie Walker

5/17/16 Special Thanks to Ottie Walker

Thank you so much Ottie for all the things you have done, preparing for this reunion, on and off the website.  

We could not  have made it without you.  All your work is greatly appreciated.

 Sylvia Carlisle



Golden Anniversary Reunion Group Photo

If you did not get one of these beautiful Golden Anniversary Reunion Group Photos and would like to get one or if you did not get to come to the reunion and would like to order one it's not too late. You can contact Lori at (409) 729-5367 or send her a text message at (409) 466-4673. The cost is still the same at $20 payable with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal check. Everyone loves the special effects Lori put into these pictures with the school song wrapped around the borders. Don't put this off too long because it will only be available for a limited time.

Ottie Walker

5/13/16 Great Reunion Photo

I agree with Bill Weikel, this a great photo with special effects.

Can we get a list of classmates in the picture in order, from front to back? I didn't get to visit with everyone and don't recognize some in the picture. 

Ron Frazier 

Ron Frazier
5/13/16 Thanks for a job well done!!!!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the Golden Anniversary Reunion! We had so much fun connecting with classmates we had not seen for years and hope to keep in touch with them. Love having coffee in my cup. Looking forward to the next one!

Charlene Curtis Osberg

Charlene Curtis
5/13/16 WOW! Fantastic Group Photo

Thanks to organizers for selecting LoriLens Photography. I just received the reunion photo and it's so bright and clear.

Bill Weikel 

Bill Weikel
5/7/16 Run For The Wall Post by Jenniffer Connors

It is that time of the year when Flame (Jenniffer) and I head for Washington DC via Ontario, CA on Run For The Wall. This is a 10 day trip to bring awareness to POW/MIA isues, a Welcome Home ride for Vietnam veterans abe a healing ride for those suffering from PTSD and various problems our vets go through. If you have not followed her SIT-REP's you might be surprised and even blessed as we travel across this nation. Check out

Joe "ChickenJoe" Connors 

Joe Connors
5/4/16 Golden Anniversary Reunion The Best

My thanks to all who helped get our reunion together. It was the best one ever. You guys did a great job on the food, the program etc. And I thought the Circle of Friends was a nice touch. I saw and visited with a bunch of old (hate to use that word these days) friends, but I know I missed several...just ran out of time. Everyone there looked good and healthy and hope even more of us can make the reunion. See you all in 2021.

Ron Frazier


Ron Frazier
5/3/16 Thank you

Thanks to all who made our Golden Reunion one I will never forget! You, the ones who did anything to make it happen, are awesome plus!!! What a time of joy and memories made to add to our collection of sweet times with dear classmates. The wonderful turnout is a testimony to the unique bond we have. May it continue forever! Thanks again to all for everything: the venue, decorations, music, entertainment, good food, tribute to those who've served our country well, and to those who've gone before us, take home memorabilia, Big Bill, and  those who attended! What a great "herd"! I'm proud to be a FHS Buffalo!

Dianne Jamar Fanning

Dianne Jamar

Ottie. I would like to personally thank you for all your diligent work on our Golden Reunion. The web site, the memory books, name tags___the list goes on and on. We could not have done it without you. You were the brains, we were simply the brawn.

Sharon Hendrix Thomas

Sharon Hendrix
5/2/16 Judy Hilbun Mason's Email Change

Hi everyone. Really enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion. We didn't take a lot of pix, so I hope you guys did. My email in the directory is wrong. So please email me; any pics you might have send to Or you can text me at 713-443-4497. Thx everyone. And by the way, we don't look 67-68. We are the new 50's. You guys all rock. 

Judy Hilbun Mason
New Message Board

Hey Buffs,

I have created a new message board, because I have to do maintenance on the website. I have converted the other one to an obits page and it will appear soon.

I would like to thank all that made their decision to attend the "Golden Anniversary Reunion"...WOW what a reunion it turned out to be! I would, also, like to thank all those that made a contribution to the reunion fund. Without that we would not have been able to make this reunion one to remember. Looking forward to 2021....see you there!

Ottie Walker

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